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          corporate culture

          Your location: Home Corporate culture

          corporate culture

          Be honest and do things by faith

          The basic idea of the company

          • Enterprise Spirit

            Seeking Change, Progress, Innovation and Strength

          • Enterprise Purpose

            Pursuing Excellence and Contributing to Society

          • Marketing concept

            Sincere cooperation to achieve win-win situation

          • Management idea

            Forging Fine Goods for Benefits by Means of Justice

          • Management philosophy

            People-oriented and Ruling Enterprises by Law

          Corporate Culture of the Company

          • People-oriented; Creating Value; Results are king; Benefit Sharing;

          Hunan Chuanglin New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

          Address:No.1 Chuanglin Road,Wantang Industrial Park,Lukou District,Zhuzhou Hunan Province Telephone:0731-27288889 Email:hnzzcl168@126.com
          Consultation Hotline

          0731-27288889 0731-27288218 13307337885 18890221062

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